In a world that prompts us to compare ourselves to others, I say, 
-Amanda Kraft McGary

When is the last time you saw yourself in a photograph? I mean, really saw yourself?

Maybe in your wedding photographs, but I have a feeling you might not have "seen" yourself in those photographs either. 

And, what do I mean about "seeing yourself"? 

Seeing the beautiful, confident, graceful, incredible powerhouse of a woman that you are. We aren't a society applauds each other for making ourselves a priority (mom-guilt?),

or for leaning into the conversation in the workplace, and of course, not when we embrace our own definition of beauty. 

As our to-do list has more items added, our name slips to the bottom after the role of parent, wife, sister, partner, friend, daughter, employee, or business owner. 

When our daily life and responsibilities overtake our need for self-care and self-love, it can be challenging to embrace who we have become if it is not a version of who we thought we'd be.  

My hope is to provide you with a collection of photographs that reflects your beauty, grace, and confidence back to you and to celebrate the amazing woman that you are.