Pinch me... I'm dreaming - first look at my new studio space

My heart is exploding with so much excitement! When I walked away from photography two years ago, I kept telling myself the door was closed. The universe would have other plans in store for me.

Almost 2-years ago two incredible ladies, Robin and Brittany, walked into my life or should I say into my training schedule at the gym. (yeah, I was personal training for a hot minute or two) 

These two ladies introduced me to two more amazing people, Cathy and Ron, that have not only helped me reconnect to my creative roots but also presented me with an opportunity of a lifetime.

It's still a work in progress... but I am so excited and happy to call this space home. AKP is officially moving into its own daylight natural light studio this fall.

More progress photos to come as this project takes on new life daily. After seeing a sneak peek at the flooring yesterday, I am even more in love with this space.

Until this space is ready, photo shoot bookings are available on location and I will be making MAJOR announcement next week for models as I expand my portfolio - be sure to check back on Tuesday for the details.   

Curious about the style of work that I'll be moving into - take a look at my Pinterest inspiration board for the dream I am actively working to bring to life. 





Today, I am sharing another album design from a high school senior portrait photo shoot.  I absolutely love collaborting with my clients to design and create these keepsake products. 

When you fall in love with a collection of photographs it can be difficult to decide on how you'd like to display the images.  One of my favorite products to design is an 8x8 Signature Keepsake Album. 

Each album contains 20 pages featuring 25 - 30 photographs that showcase your personality and style in a timeless way to be enjoyed for years to come.  Signature Keepsake Albums are professionally printed on matte finish photographic paper and with a canvas style cover. High school seniors who wish to incorporate an interest or sport into their photo shoot love that they can also include those images into their album. 

During your in-person reveal session we can put together your selection of favorites and within a few days of your appointment a sample design will be emailed to you for approval - we will collaborate to ensure that your favorite photographs are featured prominetly within the album. 




When Hailey arrived for hair & makeup with her wardrobe in tow, I knew her photo shoot would be amazing!  Her sense of style fit her personality and she pulled off each look effortlessly.  She blended urban and causal country in a way that felt seamless.  We started her photo shoot in Columbia before stopping by the river and then off to a local park with high straw grass to give a nice country feel. 

I also love that Hailey added a dramatic red lip to the country casual photos to really transform her look and make the images pop!  



When I told Nichole that I was looking to expand my portfolio and to include women of all ages (not just high school seniors or brides) she mentioned having Grace come in for a photo shoot.  I was so thankful that Nichole asked Grace to join us for a day of hair, makeup & dress up!  We had so much fun creating this collection of images and be the first shoot of this new direction for us! 



I absolutely love this urban high school senior portrait shoot taken in downtown Lancaster.  Emma introduced me to several new locations that I hadn't used before which made for an refreshing change of pace.  One of my favorite locations was on the backside of a coffee shop with a beautiful ivy wall that turned out to be an incredible background!  



Before you read this post I feel the need state a major disclaimer. I am not sharing this because I feel that any of my photo clients need to work with a coach or trainer prior to their photo shoot. I’m sharing this because so many women have shared how uncomfortable they feel when a camera is pointed in their direction and are tired of standing in the back row or using an oversized purse or a kid to camouflage themselves.

I am sharing this in the event I can help one person than I know I’ve posted this for the right reasons.


Many of you already know my story, I was 60+ pounds heavier just a little over 5 years ago, I had a meltdown on the floor of my closet with nothing to wear and I didn't want to exist in photos.

In fact, it took me FOREVER to embrace our wedding photos because I was so unhappy with who I was at that time in my life. I was overweight, overworked, and simply not in a good place with my self image or self love.

Through my own journey of weight loss and self-discovery, I began to share my struggles and through a lot of encouragement, I decided to pursue a year long certification at IIN for holistic health coaching to soak up as much wellness and nutrition information as I could.  

Hands down, during almost every photo shoot the conversation organically turns to poor self-image, weight gain, or guilt and shame come to the surface. I can't begin to count how many times I've heard...

"I'd love to do a photo shoot when I ......."

"Can you photoshop my arm"

"I hate ....... about myself".

It breaks my heart because we live in a world that is so photoshopped and over processed that we hop from one fad diet or workout to the next leaving a trail of lackluster results behind us and feeling worse about ourselves than when we "attempted to start".

Or if we have body confidence we feel shame or embarrassment for actually embracing what we do love about ourselves for fear of being cocky or conceited.

As I began designing my signature coaching program I wanted to incorporate "before and after" photos into the program. Not because I wanted to show a glossy photoshopped transformation of my clients, instead I wanted my clients to have a visual representation of who they fought so hard to become during our coaching sessions and celebrate this incredible milestone in their lives.

You are so much more than the women who wears black hides in the back row and who attempts to camouflage herself with an oversized purse. (Been there, done that)

You are incredible, vibrant, strong, and beautiful .... and my goal is to help you create a solid foundation for lasting change and no longer feeling guilt, shame or embarrassment or saying....

"I'll do IT (whatever it is) when....."

So here's the deal... if you've been sitting on the sidelines watching what feels like everyone else around you have it all figured out with their health, wellness, and life and you don't... it's time to take action because what you've been doing isn't working, am I right? 

I'm opening 5 spots for 12-weeks of personalized wellness coaching for late summer and into the fall...

 ...and to sweeten the deal... I am inviting you to take part in the "after" photo shoot experience as a gift from me to you. It's time you exist in photographs and felt comfortable in your own skin.


Are you still unsure if working with a coach is right for you?  Send me an email and we can schedule a time to chat and gauge if I am the right coach for you!